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July 9, 2022, 5 - 8 PM

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Atithi Gallerys

1020 N Canal Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15215
Self Portrait by Jameela PlattBlue by Natiq JalilGold Kenny by Marinda Taliaferro
About this exhibit:

"It's not always about black and white."

In an ideal world, this is true. But this world has never been ideal. There is a strangeness to it that rarely ever affords ideal outcomes.

In this exhibition, The Coloured Section Black Artist’s Collective will explore the concept of monochromatic art as a way to express that not everything we see is either black or white, or even gray.

In this day and age of extreme polarization of thoughts, politics, beliefs, and convictions, can monochromatic art be used to critique the times in which we live?

The Coloured Section has addressed social issues such as racism, mental health, equity, and many other subject matters in its art. In this exhibit, the Collective is attempting to explore a more universal concept that isn't specific to the African American experience. The pieces in this exhibit won't heavily address racial issues, but will the fact that black artists are executing this undertaking turn this into a discussion about race? 

We shall see.

Coming Soon: Gallery Exhibit

November 19, 2021

820 Liberty Ave, Pittsburgh PA, 15222
InVisible LogoEnvy
InVisible explores mental health from the Black creative’s perspective. Born from a conversation between artists Amun Ray and Natiq Jalil, this show demonstrates the trichotomy of the Black lived experience in America, the pressures of pursuing a creative field, and the struggles that artists face in the mind. 

Black mental health concerns have been and continue to be heavily stigmatized due to their  lack of recognized physical symptoms. Because of this, many have dismissed mental health concerns as merely pseudoscience or the assumption of an individual's failures. These mental symptoms, although not seen to the public, are considered to be “invisible diseases,” and those who suffer from them often express feeling unseen, unheard and invisible. 

This exhibition uses visual arts including sculpture, performance art, multimedia installations, as well as poetry, and recorded interviews led by partner Willy James of WQED with Natiq Jalil and others regarding their personal battles with mental health to explore vices, remedies, mental health practices, therapy, medications, coping mechanisms, triggers, and the things we may personally do to maintain mental health.

InVisible is curated by The Coloured Section under the direction of Natiq Jalil, Zeal Eva, and Amun Ray.

Gallery Exhibit September 10 - October 31, 2021


An experience to remember

The brain child of Crystal Noel Jalil, and curated by The Coloured Section's Natiq & Zeal Eva, An<says>tors explores the concept of ancestor veneration and how we receive the lessons of those who came before us. It asks us, “What has been passed down?,” “What has been heard?,” What would you say to your ancestors?,” “What should be given?,” “What do we leave behind?,” and “How have we received?,” which is answered through a collection of visual art, written and spoken word poetry, jewelry, and various other creative forms. These works, as a collection of afrofuturistic art installations, will not only pay homage to the past, but also encapsulate our hopes for the future. These works draw inspiration from various philosophies of ancestor veneration that are traditionally practiced across the African diaspora. An<says>tors demonstrates the various ways that the current African American experience has been shaped by the lived experiences of generations passed, the stories of our elders, the hopes of our youths, and the latest scientific study into genetic memory.

The US is a country that deifies its heroes and reveres the collective heritage of some as patriotic and good. However, history has shown mostly contempt towards the black experience, diminishing the accomplishments of their past generations into obscurity, and reducing past populations to slaves, criminals, agitators, or pacifists. This exhibit takes the personal approach to our history, addressing the nuances of the African American experience, bringing it into sharp focus.

Join the Coloured Section Black Artists' Collective as they take you on a journey into the past and future, and witness its debut event with your own eyes.

Sponsored by:


The Ohringer

St. Vincent DePaul Society - Penn Hills

    Popup Gallery Event

    Meet Me At The Corner

    3 Generations of artists gather.

    Join us this Friday, April 9th 6-8pm for a socially distanced gallery opening at The Corner in Pittsburgh, PA.

    This exhibit features the work of three generations of artists. First, is the late master artist and musician, George Gist. Next is his student, Natiq, who has inherited his vision. And finally, Natiq's youngest understudy, KiAsia, will debut her work for the first time.

    The Coloured Section Black Artists' Collective has partnered with The Corner and Ujamaa Collective to bring you monthly window exhibits of amazing art At The Corner of Art and Resistance.

    Please RSVP to let us know you will attend. Light refreshments will be available. There will also be a raffle of work by each of the featured artists.

    Masks covering mouth and nose are required. We will be following strict health guidelines to ensure the safety of all guests. 

    The Co:Lab

    Join us as we hang out and complete those projects we've been procrastinating on. Let's help each other be the best we can be. All artists are welcome. Just know that our meetings are centered on Blackness.

    Upcoming dates: April 8, April 22, May 6, May20

    The Co:Lab Zoom info:

    Meeting ID: 869 0106 2268

    Passcode: 679354

    By phone: 13017158592

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    Upcoming Exhibit

    Of Bees and Butterflies

    Zeal Eva at ThoughtRobbers

    This exhibit is one that celebrates the nature around us, the flowers that the bees pollinate, and the beautiful scapes in which we find butterflies resting.

    This body of work will feature acrylic, watercolor, and mixed media paintings sized from 2 x 2" to 3ft x 4ft, so there is something for everyone.


    Zeal Eva

    Opening night at Vestige Concepts Gallery in Pittsburgh, PA

    Artist Zeal Eva stands with her painting "Banana Stand"

    Congratulations to her as she makes power moves.

    More to come.