We are...

The Coloured Section

We are more than just a colour.

The Coloured Section is the brainchild of the late master artist and jazz musician, George Gist. We honor his memory by striving to become a true artists' community that truly supports its members' needs.

Our goal is to make paths for those artists who are not easily able to enter into creative opportunities through the front door. We believe that if artists know each other and work together, then none of us should be without work. Through workshops, apprenticeships, seasonal group shows, and regular collaborative efforts, we strive to build stronger lives and careers for all of our members.

About us

What's in a colour?

Meet our Colours and get to know their work.

Natiq Jalil

Natiq is a self-taught visual artist who specializes in Afrofuturism through watercolors, acrylics, and oils. He is also the founder of The Coloured Section in its current form. 

He's currently completing work concerning relevant topics such as legacy building, black narratives, empowering black women, and equity in race, gender, and sexuality.

Crystal Noel Jalil

Crystal Noel Jalil is an accomplished poet, actress, event host, model, writer,  jewelry maker, fashionista, endometriosis warrior, and emerging visual artist who specializes in graphite and charcoals.

She runs C.Noel Jewelry, speaks on issues facing black women, mentors young artists, and has performed poetry on Broadway in New York City.

Zeal Eva

Zeal Eva is an emerging visual artist and curator who specializes in watercolor, acrylics, and photography. Her work focuses heavily on organic forms, fruits, vegetables, herbs, and living spaces.

She is finding success in gallery settings and with studio photography. She is an understudy to Natiq Jalil, and is pushing the boundaries of her various mediums.

Amun Ray

is a young black multi-platform artist with a strong focus on visual arts. He was raised within the arts and from a young age he was either painting a picture, writing a story or poem, or on stage performing.  The arts are therapy for him, helping to make sense of the surrounding world. His talents have lead to one of the greatest accomplishments of his life, designing a community park in Wilkinsburg. In addition to being an active artivist with 1hood Media, AmunRay serves on the KST arts council. 

“I feel like it would be wrong of me to not create and make my mark In the world that I’ve called home.”

Shori Sims

Shori Sims was born in 1999 in Baltimore, Maryland and now works in Pittsburgh, PA attending Carnegie Mellon University. She is currently pursuing her BFA with a minor in Africana Studies.

An interdisiplinary artist, Shori finds herself grounded in representation. Essential themes of her work include the black female body as a site of resistance, African American identity, and the symbolic language shared amongst Black womxn/queers: especially as propagated through online space.

Trenita Finney

Trenita Finney (she/her) is a multi-disciplinary artist and designer in Pittsburgh. Her focus is on creating work with small businesses, non-profits and individuals who love art. Heavily influenced by bright colors, anime, video games and black joy, she seeks to show black people being themselves. Being celebrated and being loved.

Photo by Deb Thomas

Cheré D. Gordon, BS, RN, CPhT

Cheré is The Pittsburgh Crystal Connoisseur, a mother, dancer, reiki master, yoga teacher, medical professional, herbalist and head alchemist of Stoney Trails.

She has made it her personal mission to build a resilient, conscious, and sustainable community of imaginative creatives and visionary thinkers. Cheré is productively and efficiently shaping the narrative of our people as she further develops her craft and presence in the art world by turning a vision of the abstract into tangible unique pieces of art. 

Cheré believes her body of work stands as a testament to who she is as an artist, healer, lightworker, knowledge seeker, and influential mother.


KiAsia is the youngest member of The Coloured Section. She is an emerging visual artist, fashionista, and makeup enthusiast.

She specializes in oil painting. Her work expresses the challenges of being a young woman in todays world using whimsical and fantastical imagery that leads the mind down winding paths of wonder.

Jameela Platt

A proud Pittsburgh native, Jameelah Platt trained in Fine Art at the University of art in Philadelphia Pa. She is a teaching artist at Assemble Gallery. Her most recent interest has been in retrieving and unveiling the soft dream-like parts of our imaginations. In her own words she stated the following.

“I am a story teller. I look for the anecdotes and fables of people of color, to reanimate the familiar narratives we are told and experience as children. I want to translate the nostalgic moments that we can mutually acknowledge and embrace as a community through the language of gestures and movement with the human figure.”

Her studio practice is driven by her interest in the art of story-telling, color, art history, assemblage and the decorative adornment of objects, spaces and people. 

Tomi Adebayo

Tomilola Adebayo is an emerging Nigerian-American visual artist who specializes in soft pastel portraits. Exploring this genre in different mediums, she often also uses acrylic, charcoal, and graphite pencil. Her visual style, while often fluid in terms of use of color, pays homage to her roots, borrowing from Nigerian cultural motifs in terms of headdresses, traditional clothing, and tribal markings. 

Her official journey into the visual arts began as far back as 2007 while attending the Carnegie Museum of Art's The Art Connection program for young artists. In her time as a student at Pitt, she was selected to receive the 2017 A.J. Schneider Award during that year's respective Studio Arts Student Exhibition, allowing her to display her artwork in the Hillman Library Reading Room. 

Isaiah Spencer

Isaiah Spencer is a spoken word and visual artist born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pa. Isaiah began his writing journey in his early teenage years and developed his spoken word talent throughout his collegiate years, where he has performed in and hosted a number of open mic events. Within the last year, Isaiah has expanded his repertoire to include visual art in the form of painting. Isaiah hopes to use his visual art as another way of highlighting engineering and science, different facets of the black experience, mental health, and community development and growth.

Nina Soto

Nina is a self taught artist who enjoys working with watercolors and oils. Her paintings are
often anime inspired with a stylized twist. As a mother her favorite subject matter is
women in power.

Her work is deeply spiritual in its symbolism and subject matter. She brings her natural high energy into her painting with whimsical color palettes and fluid brushstrokes. Her work has graced the walls of Pittsburgh gallery walls such as Redfishbowl and others. Her current body of work captures her worldview and lived experience as an Afro-Latina living in the United States. She is currently working on projects concerning mental health and body positivity alongside The Coloured Section.