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"The Coloured Section Makes Way for Black Artists" - Dani Janae
The Coloured Section founders Zeal Eva, Natiq Jalil, and Crystal Noel JalilThe Coloured Section founders Zeal Eva, Natiq Jalil, and Crystal Noel Jalil
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COMIMG SOON: InVisible Gallery Opening

Opening November 19, 2021

InVisible explores mental health from the Black creative’s perspective. Born from a conversation between artists Amun Ray and Natiq Jalil, this show demonstrates the trichotomy of the Black lived experience in America, the pressures of pursuing a creative field, and the struggles that artists face in the mind. 

Black mental health concerns have been and continue to be heavily stigmatized due to their  lack of recognized physical symptoms. Because of this, many have dismissed mental health concerns as merely pseudoscience or the assumption of an individual's failures. These mental symptoms, although not seen to the public, are considered to be “invisible diseases,” and those who suffer from them often express feeling unseen, unheard and invisible. 

This exhibition uses visual arts including sculpture, performance art, multimedia installations, as well as poetry, and recorded interviews led by partner Willy James of WQED with Natiq Jalil and others regarding their personal battles with mental health to explore vices, remedies, mental health practices, therapy, medications, coping mechanisms, triggers, and the things we may personally do to maintain mental health.

InVisible is curated by The Coloured Section under the direction of Natiq Jalil, Zeal Eva, and Amun Ray.